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Murray Bauman True Patriot T-Shirt

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This July let's remember the actions of TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT Murray Bauman. In the early morning of hours of July 5, 1985 Murray uncovered and thwarted a COMMUNIST RUSSIAN plot to unleash evil in America's Heartland! Murray took it upon himself to infiltrate a secret Russian base hidden miles below the ground disguised as the local Mall. A mall funded by the Soviet Union, which eroded America's Downtown business and local economies. The effects of which are still felt today! There he disabled the Russians device and called the U.S (Air) Calvary, saving the day and the American Way of Life you I both enjoy today!

You won't read this story in your socialist-tainted history books or God-Forbid, MAIN STREAM MEDIA!

Thank you Murray! You're words will always be remembered! God Bless you, and God Bless the USA!

"Those people... They're not wired like me and you, okay? They don't spend their lives trying to get a look at what's behind the curtain. They like the curtain."
- Murray Bauman, referencing the "Iron Curtain" of Soviet Russia

Call 1-618-625-8318 to here a secret coded message from Murray himself!

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