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Coggo - SnodBOT Action Figure

$ 10.00

Coggo is fast. When excited, he has powers of superspeed that push the limits of the sound barrier. This is coupled with hyper-quick reactions. This makes him an excellent pilot. He has a real enthusiasm (dangerous for him!) for vehicles of all kinds.

Coggo’s main emotion is excitement. His enthusiasm allows him to genuinely enjoy things, without a hint of irony. He sometimes has trouble grasping Orkle’s sarcasm. At the difficult end of excitement is impetuousness. Coggo often leaps before he looks.

Each SnodBOT Action figure it 3D printed in PLA plastic right here in the Underground Bot Lab. Being as these are 3D prints, they will be a little rough around the edges but ready for play! 

Each figure is 3D printed and refined as they are ordered, so please allow about 2 days time for printing and finishing.

  • Five points of articulation
  • Interchangeable parts with other SnodBOTS
  • Printed in Orange PLA plastic
  • Stands roughly 3" tall

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